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 Pet Attunements

Every living thing on planet Earth is ascending from a carbon to light based existence.   To help us prepare for ascension many of our pets contracted to ground and stabilize us.   They channel frequencies for us and some even transmute issues, karma, and obsolete patterns for us.   Many of our close animal companions seem to be having as difficult of a time managing the new energy frequencies as we are.   They may be excessively clingy, suddenly aggressive, or over protective, lethargic and then manic.   Many of them have been suffering from auto-immune problems such as allergies, parasites, arthritis, and frequent low-grade infections.     Many pets are behaving as if they are always hungry, yet unhappy with what they are fed.   Animals are quite psychic.   They see auras, entities,  and parallel realities . 

Animal Companion Attunements are like a boost for your pet. They have chakras, spin points, energy circuits, glandular pulses, and a Lightbody blueprint.   In an Animal Companion Attunement we use exactly the same procedures as for their Human. We focus on clearing  and re-balancing  these structures, boosting the immune system and glandular functioning.   We adjust the chakra system so that they feel more centered in this new reality and more comfortable with the frequency changes.  Finally, we attune them to their human companion(s).

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