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  Opening Stagate Portal

Event: Opening a Stargate Portal
Location: St. Michael’s Grove, Bayview
Meditation will be held around the Crystal Pyramid. Space is limited call (956) 233-1629 to RSVP.

Communicating with our Star Friends or Guardian Angels on a daily basis is now available to all who feel this calling. Now, is the time for interplanetary communication- not tomorrow, or someday, way off in the future but now! This meditation takes you step by step to learn how to tune into your star friends and then simply thinking about the message bring it down from the fifth dimension into the third dimensional reality. Plus you can be matched up to your Star Family.

This meditation helps you to develop your own personal “channel” so you may be in direct contact with your Spiritual Guidance Team including Angels, Devas, your Higher Self and the God/source energy. This leaves you “dependent” on no one but empowered in your own life. This Spiritual Guidance Team  helps you to work through negative situations and to understand that these are opportunities for you to evolve. In addition, it will assists you in downloading  a higher quality of healing energy .  

The process is based on methods developed in the Qabala.   Many have called the Qabala… the Yoga of the West. Qabala is not a religion per se. Qabala is defined as the secret, mystical, magical, philosophical and religious teaching  developed by Jewish scholars. The way that you are enlightened is through gnosis and mystical illumination. Qabala— the world’s oldest body of spiritual wisdom — contains the long hidden keys to the secrets of the universe. It‘s mission is to lift the veil between worlds and bring clarity, understanding, and wisdom to our lives.


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Kabbala Transmission Aids

Need help on learning and using  the Fire Letters...Great website for all your needs.

Click here for Transmission Aids

Note: Hebrew letters are read Left to Right;

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