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  Monthly Love Fest
Saturday of the Week of the Full Moon: Recharing Fest

Like a breast freely giving milk, the Sun and Earth gives you Rays to recharge your crystals, oils and bodies. Place your crystals in our inside pyramid or in the outdoor labrintyh where they will recieve maxixium exposure to the Sun's and Earth's energy.

Saturday of the Week of the Full Moon Saturday: Releasing Fest

During this week is a good time to release any negative energy. You can do it mentally during are Stargate Transmission or Labyrinth Walk. Another way is through the action of a Fire Ritual were you write down what you would like to release and then burn it in the Fire Pit.

Saturday of the Week of the New Moon: Manifesting Fest

The Sun and Earth's energy is ripe for manifesting your dreams  and desires. Do a Stargate Transmission about your desires and tell your Spiritual Guidance Team of your intentions, write them down in a decree way (meaning that you write positive statements describing how you have already  achieved your desires). Ask the Sun, Earth and your spiritual Guidance Team to  guide your actions  in manifesting these decrees and affirm that they work for the highest good.

Saturday the Week of the Half Moon: Courage and Power Fest

This is a time of reclaiming your power. On this day make a commitment to move forword  fearlessly. Do a Staragte Transmission to bring in Archangel Michael 's Blue Flame Sword and but on your blue flame angel wings. Use these gifts to  boost your courage and give you the pyschic power to  remove obstales in manifesting  your life purpose.

High K's Fest;


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Kabbala Transmission Aids

Need help on learning and using  the Fire Letters...Great website for all your needs.

Click here for Transmission Aids

Note: Hebrew letters are read Left to Right;

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