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Center Location

Our Church is located on a Resaca in Bayview Texas situated  n one of the South Texas Coastline Stargates.  When you visit the South Texas Coastline and you'll discover a host of bizarre occurrences including mysterious live stock mutilations, glowing orbs floating over the Gulf waters  and sightings of “Thunderbirds ‘ or flying Pterosaur dinosaurs.  After 2012 local experts claim an increase in UFO sightings in the Rio Grande Valley  area.  Numerous individuals have reported seeing UFO’s flying in and out of the South Texas Gulf Waters. Mysteries flashing beams of light have been reported coming from under the waters of fresh water lakes called Resaca’s. These flashing beacons of light appear to be guiding or communicating with something in the sky over the Gulf waters. Just across the Rio Grande River massive UFO sightings have been reported by Mexican Air Force Pilots. Unexplained stories are endless. Click on Links below to find out more on strange events in South Texas

 This unusual energy in the Valley is because geographically it is located directly within 7 Powerful Mega Vortexes:

  1. Head of the Dove Leyline created in 2015
  2. Return of the Dove vibrational wave field coming from  the Bermuda Triangle.
  3. Golden Sun Disc frequencies transmitted by Moody Gardens Tri-Pyramid Complex
  4. Energy tornadoes created from Wind Turbines Farm
  5. 7th Planetary Gateway
  6. Tri-Pyramid Complex, in Galveston, Texas
  7. Re-activation and anchoring of Ancient Atlantean Temple

The convergence of the 7 Vibrational Wave Fields has created a unique sacred geometry within the area called Metatronic Cube.This energy field contains all the sacred geometric codes:  the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. The Metatronic Cube can take negative multi-dimensional energy that would have an imbalancing effect on the Earth Grid and softens it. It does this by generating a powerfully Fohat energy that banishes negative energy. Simply put, negative vibrations cannot persist in its presence making this geographic area fertile for new multi-dimensional programming that opened Stargates.     Furthermore this unique energy has opened up Multi-dimensional portals into the Devic Realm and 6D Cities of Light to help you with the healing and manifestation process.


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