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  Light Warrior Training
Light Warrior Training

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This Training shows you how to use the Light Warrior Armor of the Divine Spirit that can make you impenetrable to Negative energy in your daily life and during your energy work. Before moving in and out of Dimensions it is important to know that you will not be entrapped in the astral places and be affects by the dark forces of the fourth and fifth dimension. The Transmission works directly with the Christ, Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light. In these Transmissions you will learn how to create and use:

  1. The Light Warrior Helmet
  2. The Winged Sandals of the True Path
  3. The Blue Flame Sword
  4. The Blue Flame Wings

These gifts help you achieve inner strength on all levels: physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. They give you the power and protection of the Angelic Host.  The gifts allow you to clear dark and unbalanced energies from your self and others. Furthermore you can use these gifts to clear out negative energies from communities, cities, states and the Earth as a whole.  Basically, the purpose of the Gifts are to help you:

  • to cleanse the energy from old destructive energy patterns
  • to create spiritual uplifting and freedom
  • to remove attachment and destructive thought forms
  • to develop the divine qualities of hope, faith, purity, devotion, patience, charity, humility
  • to remove low level entities
  • to protect you from the evil that is interfering with you achieving your goals
  • to increase the faith and courage you need to take action to say or do something
  • to successfully deal with stressful situations, meet challenges in your life, to stand up for your convictions, to fight injustice and work for justice, or to take the risks necessary to start a new project
  • to develop leadership qualities (integrity, creativity, compassion, decisiveness, listening skills, speaking skills, and the abilities to build teams, take risks, solve problems, and inspire others)
  Contract of the Light Warrior

Fire Letter Mantra: Aleph(yellow) Nun Nun(Green) 
Meaning: Call in the Power of Archangel Michael

Since the Light Warrior Armor is a gift that involves other Spiritual Beings they need to agree to participate. This is done by stating your intention to receive the Light Warrior Armor in a Decree format that becomes your Light Warrior Contract.

By the Power and Authority of Archangel Michael , Nun Nun Aleph

in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey,

If it's for my highest good and in line with the Divine Plan,

I decree that I am ready to become a member of Archangel Michael's the Legion of Light.

  • I surrender my will to the Divine Will.
  • From now on, I will live my life in a meaningful way and do all actions with the motivation to attain enlightenment for all sentient beings.
  • I ask for the Armor of Light so I may help to liberate all sentient beings from their suffering.  
  • I will never use any piece of the Armor to harm or judge others or myself. 
  • I will use the  Light Warrior Armor as a powerful channel for the Light of Christ. 
    Anyone with negative energy or who is being controlled by a negative astral being and comes in connect with me,  Sees me, Hears me, Touches me or Talks to me, will  feel the Light of the Christ. I use the Armor to channel the Light of the Christ to free them, as much as possible, in that very instant
    from all their suffering by transmuting the negative energy into positive energy and sending the negative Astral beings to Archangel Michael.
  • Because my intention is noble, I ask to draw down the vibrational seed pattern of Light Warrior Armor from Archangel Michael and his Legion of Light . 

After reciting the Decree,  you will use a Fire Letter Mantra to bring the Vibrational Seed Pattern for the Light Warrior Armor into your Physical Body. You will intone and visualize each Fire Letter of Fire Letter Mantra "Yod Yod Lamed", one Fire Letter at time, in a different chakra. Below are the three Fire Letters you will be using.

The Fire Letter Mantra is :Lamed(Yellow) Yod(Lime Green) Yod (Lime Green)
The Mantra Meaning is : Drawing down the Fire of the Light Warriors Armor to do battle for me

  • See the Fire Letter Yod (Lime Green) written over your Third Eye and intone" Yod"
  • See the Fire Letter Yod (Lime Green) written over your Heart and intone "Yod"
  • See the Fire Letter Lamed(Yellow) written over your Sacred Chakra and intone "Lamed"
    You have formed a vertical line of Fire Letters in the Mantra to draw down the power of the Light Warrior Armor up and down the front of your body
  • See the Fire Letter Lamed (Yellow) in Left Hand Palm and intone "Lamed"
  • See the Fire Letter Yod (Lime Green) written over your Heart and intone "Yod"
  • See the Fire Letter Yod (Lime Green)  in Right Hand Palm and intone"Yod"
    You have formed a Horizontal Line of the Fire Letters in the Mantra to draw down the power of the Light Warriors Armor across the front of your body, from left to right.

    This forms a Cross with "Yod (Lime Green)" as the center point.
  • Fold both hands over Heart, intone Yod(Lime Green) Yod (Lime Green) Lamed(Yellow)

Recite Light Warrior Decree:
I Am drawing down an electrified blue ray of fire from the tip of Archangel Michael 's Blue Flame Sword . I see Michael directly over my head floating in the Sky . His Blue Flame Sword is pointed downward,  directly at the top of my head.  I feel the Sword's electrical blue fire flowing in to the top of head and through my body. .I decree that the Vibrational Seed Pattern of the Light Warrior Armor is now activated in my body, mind and spirit .

May the power of this gift arise and grow. May the power that is born within me today, have no decline, but increase for evermore. 

Archangel Michael, the Blue Lightening Angels and the Legions of Light are now my guardians and the protectors into all Multi-Dimensional Realms, at all times and in all places in time and space. I feel their cobalt blue electrified energy flowing around me and through me. So mote it be.

Wait until you can feel a tingling, see a blue current in your body, or some other sensation that is not normal. You may just intuitively know that you have received the energy.

You may now down load the individual pieces of the Armor: the Blue Flame Sword and the Blue Flame Wings, the Light Warrior Helmet  and the Winged Sandals of the True Path.

  Light Warrior Blue Flame Sword & Blue Flame Wings

Light workers will often have energetic Wings that can be seen by many psychics and clairvoyants. These Wings represent the ability to carry out the Divine Will and are a Light Worker's tool. The Blue Flame Wings are a special gift from Archangel Michael that carry more power and have a different purpose then the normal Light Worker Wings. Once activated the Blue Flame Wings work together with the Blue Flame Sword as one energetic transmutation device.

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  The Winged Sandals of the True Path

The Winged Sandals are a gift from the Christ to keep you on the True Path. These Sandals keep you on the —spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical path that balances your personal karma. The Winged Sandals lead you on the path to bring in opportunities to unite with the Divine Spirit and your Higher Self. The Sandals have the magnetic power to attract the people, resources, and events that keep you moving forward on your life path. They help you find and walk the True Path to Enlightenment.

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  Light Warrior Helmet

The Light Warrior Helmet is created by taking the foundation of the Stargate Communication Command Cemner and adding the power of the seven Fohat Fires .   Very soul incarnating on Earth carries a tiny spark from each of the Fohat Fires, in their Third Eye Chakra.   However, Fohat Fire must be activated do its perfect Work . When the Fohat Fires activate in the Light Warrior Helmet, you are given the power to work with Gifts of these each of Sacred Fires that are activated. You will be activating these seven Fohat fires list below

1. Violet Flame, Power of White Magic and Manifestation of Christ Consciousness
2. Red Flame Power of Intuition and Prophecy of God Consciousness
3. Dark Blue Flame, Power of the Spiritual Warrior of Archangel Michael
4. Green Flame, Power to Co-Create with the New Earth  of the Nature Spirits, Elemental and Deva
5. Gold Flame, Power of Scared Knowledge and Wisdom of the Ascended Masters
6. White Flame, Power of the Spiritual Healer of the Holy Spirit
7. Pink Flame, Power to Heal Global Issues of  God Consciousness 

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  Quote for Today

We have all had the experience of failing time after time in changing old habits. Then suddenly old habits lose their hold on us. What was so attractive suddenly becomes unattractive. This is a sign God has accepted our repentance.  We have truly changed and we are now someone who is not even tempted to commit them.

-Roger Fragen, Sufi



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