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  Winged Sandals to keep you on the True Path

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The Winged Sandals are a gift from the Christ to keep you on the True Path. These Sandals keep you on the —spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical path that balances your personal karma and helps you to carry an increment of world karma, as Jesus did. By balancing your karma and holding the balance for the weight of the world, you are  doing the Great Work. The Winged Sandal bring in opportunities to unite with the Divine Spirit and your Higher Self. The Sandals have the magnetic power to attract the people, resources, and events that keep you moving forward on your life path. They give you the strength of perseverance, of patience, to find and walk the True Path to enlightenment.

Fire Letter Mantra← Cheth Resh Hey ←
Winged Sandals with the Grounding Cords to Kept You on the True Path

Tarot Keys for Meditation:
Tarot Key: Star Card (Hey)


Tarot Key: Sun Card (Resh)


Tarot Key: Chariot Card (Cheth) 



By the Authority of Hey Resh Cheth  in the name of the Christ within Me,Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey

If it's for my highest good and in line with the Divine Plan, I decree that I take on the Winged Sandals of the True Path of the Christ. These Sandals keep me on the —spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical path that balances my personal karma and helps me to carry an increment of world karma, as Jesus did.

The Winged Sandal take me to the path of reunion with the my Higher Self and the Divine Spirit. This is the Path of the Ascension for the sons and daughters of the Divine Spirit. The Winged Sandal bring in opportunities to unite me with the Divine Spirit and my Higher Self. The Winged Sandals attract the people, resources, and events that keep me moving forward on your life path.

  • Say: BEFORE ME (then vibrate), the Christ,  Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey

  • Visualize an image forming before you. Gradually the image takes form and you see the Christ,  standing before you. He is dressed in shimmering white gold robes and stands facing you. The Christ is carrying a pair of Golden Winged Sandals of the True Path. See the sandals appear on your feet with two little wings on each side of the sandals. The sandals tie with two laces. One sandal lace is blue for Divine Wisdom of the Father and one lace is pink for Divine Understanding of the Mother.  Grab the two laces on each sandal and lace them up your legs. Now activate the sandals by intoning the name of the Angel of the Earth and the magical words of the Angelic Realm.

    Recite and Envision:
    Hey Resh Cheth    I activate the Light Warrior Winged Sandals to keep me on the True Path , grounded to the wisdom of the Christ and love of Mother Earth

    IKZHIKAL (ee-keh-zeh-hee-kal) Angel of the Earth let my Light Warrior Winged Sandals lead me to the Temples of Enlightenment

    xum (etz-oom) and ah (ah-heh )

  • Now use your visualization to imagine roots coming out from the soles of your sandals, going down into the planet and spreading out. Just like the roots of a Tree into the leylines of Earth and the Crystalline Grid.
  • Your roots are now the drawing and sending mechanism that will allow you to send and receive instructions from the Crystalline Grid on where you need to be and how to get there .
  • Now focus your attention on the Crystalline Grid at the center of the planet. …running for miles and miles covering the heart of Mother Earth …feel the energy of 1000's of sparkling radiating diamond like crystals. Feel how each crystal is connected to other crystals through this beautiful crystal grid. These are Master Crystals containing the Sacred Fire of Fohat. They act as our teachers... transmitting crystalline energy frequencies…linking all dimensions...worlds within worlds. They are in perfect alignment to your Crystalline Body Matrix and will open doorways to the higher dimensions.
  • Now center your attention on the One of these Master Crystals.  Activate your Sandals by inhaling through them and using your clear intent to receive what the Master Crystal gives you.
  • Bring the energy up through the soles of your Sandals. Feel the flow of love between you and the Earth. Feel this love from your Mother enter your energy body just let it move any way and any place .
  • The Sandals begin to glow and little wings on the sides begin to flutter. Your feet begin to move, without any effort from you. You now have the ability to stay on the True Path that will lead you to Temples of Enlightenment.  If you wander the Sandals will always lead you home, safe, secure, protected and enlightened.
  • Christ nods to you and then fades
  Other Decrees 62

← Hey Hey Yod ←

By the Authority and Power of Yod Hey Hey,
I decree the Winged Sandals of the Christ helps me to stay on my spiritual path and live my truth by example, as the Christ lived his life.
I am a Teacher not Preacher 59

← Chet Resh Hey ←

By the Authority and Power of Hey Resh Chet
I decree my Winged Sandals are a Divine umbilical cord into the Crystalline Grid that provides energy to remove spiritual darkness from my 4 body system. 69

← Hey Aleph Resh

By the Authority and Power of Resh Aleph Hey
I decree my Winged Sandals give me the Wisdom - to find the path & not lose sight of the direction for completing my  Life Contract


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← Zayin Yod Yod ←

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