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  Light Warrior:Violet Fire Diamond Shield of Detachment


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This Transmission shows you how to use the Violet Fire Diamond Shield of Detachment.The Shield is an energetic layer that protects you from psychic attacks and low-vibrational energy from penetrating your personal space. The Shield is placed around your heart and emotional body and draws in energy from the Earth's Grid system.  This energy works with the Law of Attraction and prevents you from creating thought forms that draw in toxic energies, such as implants, elementals, etheric mucous, parasites and other parasitic intelligence that would live off your energy and life force. It transmutes any dark energy without any harm and even providing some healing for the source of this energy.  

You can either create a permanent shield and keep strengthening it as the time goes by with this Transmission or you can create temporary shields but train your body to put one up in an instant. When you do it often enough, you will be able to put a shield up in a second without much conscious thought.

Benefits of a Violet Fire Light Warrior Shield are multiple:

  • Protect your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being
  • Block any negative energies coming your way
  • Make sure your spiritual growth is not interrupted by outside forces
  • Block people who are trying to read your mind or steal your energy
  • Increase your intuitive abilities
  • Protect yourself from curses or low-vibrational entities
  • Be used for protection when dreaming or astral projecting

The Violet Fire Diamond Shield of Detachment for Banishing
the remnants of Evil and Inflated Ego

Fire Letter Mantra: Lamed(yellow)  Aleph(yellow)  Vau (red)

Tarot Keys for Meditation:
Tarot Key: Hierophant (Vau)


Tarot Key: Fool Card (Aleph)


Tarot Key: Strength (Lamed)


Recite Decree:
By the Authority of Lamed Aleph Vau
in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey  

If it's for my highest good and in line with the Divine Plan,
I decree that my heart and emotional body is placed in a Violet Fire Light Warrior Diamond Shield of Detachment. Let this shield contain the sacred fire energy of the Christ,  Mother Mary, the Devas of Crystalline Grid and my 10th Dimensional Higher Self. This Shield of sacred fire protects me from creating negative thoughtforms that draw in negative energy. Like attracts Like. It prevents me from drawing in toxic energies, such as implants, elementals, etheric mucous, parasites and other parasitic intelligence that would live off my energy and life force.

This shield works with these three types of fire energy in unison with the violet fire of the shield. The first layer of the shield is created from Green Fire  and it connects with the Crystalline Grid. This is Life Force Energy for grounding and strenthening my Aura.  The second layer of the shield is White Gold Fire. It connects me to the Christ and protects me against lower vibrational entities. The third shield is Cobalt Blue and connects me with my 10th Dimensional Higher Self. It brings all my dimensional selves into alignment with higher consciousness that balance and clears my aura and chakras. Now I call forth Archangel Uriel that works with Archangel Michael to give me the Violet Fire Light Warrior Diamond Shield of Detachment.

  • Visualize an image forming before you. Gradually the image takes form and you see Mother Mary dressed in flowing robes, standing in front of you. See waves of blue, purple and violet fire radiating from Mary's body.
  • Mary is holding the Violet Fire Light Warrior Diamond Shield of Detachment. The Shield is composed of Violet Fire.
  • Grasp your Shield and hold it up to your heart and feel the Shield with violet fire  being absorbed into your heart.
  • Mary nods to you and then her image fades away.
  • The Shield is now behind your heart, which represents the Divine Detachment. ….letting go and letting the Divine Spirit.  The Shield helps you to detach your thinking, feeling and behavior from reacting to negative energy . Now you will activate the shield with a layer of green, white gold than cobalt blue fire within and around your heart.

Recite and Visualize:

By the Authority of Lamed Aleph Vau,

I decree that Green Fire from the Crystalline Grid is forming a layer of protection around and within the Violet Warrior Shield in my heart.   I am grounded and centered with the Green Fire of Mother Earth and the Crystalline Devas. Negative energy and emotions do not effect me, they roll off me like water on a duck's back.
I now activate the Green Fire within and around my Light Warrior Diamond Shield of Detachment
Kum (koom) Ri (ar-ee)
Kum (koom) Ri (ar-ee)

  • Imagine shining green fire flowing up from the Crystalline Grid under the Earth's Crust. See it flow and be absorbed into the Violet Shield in your heart. Let this green fire expand and form of Circle of Green Fire around your heart. See the Circle of Green Fire begin to glow brighter and brighter until the circle of fire  sparkles with the power a thousand of Emerald Green Crystals.
  • Now create the second circle if fire. Recite and Visualize:

By the Authority of Lamed Aleph Vau,  

I decree that Golden White Fire from the Christ has formed a second layer of protection around and within the Warrior Shield in my heart . This Golded White Fire protects me from drawing in lower vibrational entities and burns off any negative energy that I my take in.
I now activate the Golden White Fire within and around my Light Warrior Diamond Shield of Detachment
Kum (koom) Ri (ar-ee)
Kum (koom) Ri (ar-ee)

  • See White Gold fire flowing down from the heart of the Christ hoovering over my head and entering into the Shield. See the White Gold energy being absorbed completely into the Violet Fire Shield.  Then let the white gold fire form a circle of fire around your heart.  The White Golden energy creates a energy layer that is thick with spikes coming out from the shield in all directions pointing outward —imagine thousands of them, thin and needle like, but free-flowing like fibers. These fibers will destroy any negative energy or intent that is coming your way. Now visualize two layers of energy around the Shield in your heart,  the first is Green fire and then Golden White Fire.
    Recite and Visualize:

By the Authority of Lamed Aleph Vau,  

I decree that my 10th Dimensional Higher Self, has formed a third layer of protection around and within the Warrior Shield in my heart . This Cobalt Blue Fire now connects all of the lower aspects of my self (1-9) and  overrides any negative decision made by my lower self to bring it back in alignment with the Divine Plan. I am now in alignment with my Higher Self Energies that brings in higher consciousness to balance my chakras and Aura.  When I am centered and balanced negative energy can not affect me. I activate the Cobalt Blue Fire within and around my Light Warrior Diamond Shield of Detachment,
Kum (koom) Ri (ar-ee)
Kum (koom) Ri (ar-ee)

  • Imagine your 10th Dimensional higher self hoovering directly above your head sending cobalt blue fire from its heart directly into the shield within your heart and forming a third Circle of Fire around your heart. The Shield in your heart now have three layers of protective energy:  Cobalt Blue Fire over a layer of Gold Fire and lastly a layer of Green.
  • The three layers of the Shield begins to glow …your heart begins to glow as this energy becomes stronger and stronger until a sparking ray of light shoot forth from the center of the Shield.
  • This ray  up into the sky to attach itself to the Unity Grid surrounding the Earth. See thousands of other rays of light  from other Light worker's shields across the Planet attaching to the Grid and drawing protective energy from it. 
  • Focus on this Unity Grid with thousands of powerful Platinum rays of light radiating from it.  Imagine this is your generator if you need a boost of protective energy for your Shield. The Platinum Fire  brings in a multi-universal ray which synthesizes all life into Divine Union. This highly potent and highly transformative metallic platinum frequency is the consciousness energy fields that we refer to as Melchizedek/Metatron/Mahatma. The Platinum Fire  helps you to embrace divine qualities. Divine qualities are states of Christ Consciousness that re-program your attitudes, emotions  and identity with your Higher Self or I Am Presence. Examples of Divine Qualities include faith, hope,  charity, compassion, understanding,  forgiveness, inspiration, clarity, courage, strength, tenderness, love, humor, sincerity, patience, generosity, honesty, acceptance, harmony, balance, devotion, playfulness, confidence, surrender, receptivity, discernment, detachment, bliss, lightness, humility, peace, harmlessness and willingness to align with the Divine Will. 
  • With your intention and breathe draw down a Platinum Ray of light from the Grid.  Let this ray of light flow down from the Grid into and around your heart. This beam will form a 4th circle of fire and be aborbed into your shield.

By the Authority of Lamed Aleph Vau,

 I decree that my heart chakra is directly hooked into the Lightworker Energy Generator of the Unity Grid. Anytime I need a boost of fire energy for protection, manifestation, healing or any other activity that is in alignment with the Divine Plan and for my highest good,  I can down load a ray of Plainum Fire energy into and around my Heart Chakra.

  • Visualize three Unity Generator switches marked "Up",   "Down Off"  " Up-Boost". When you need a  boost of energy for your Shield turn the switch marked  "Up Boost" up toward the Unity Grid in the Sky. When you need a lot of extra energy turn both switches "Up Boost" and " Up Extra Boost" up to the Unity Grid. Leave the switches in the Up position until you have received the amount of energy you need. When your done turn all three switches to the Down postilion toward the crystalline grid a  the center of the Earth. 
  •  To see if you are Shield  is working focus on your heart chakra and the violet fire shield and think:
    Shield Switch "Up" Sheild On…(Shield Glows)
    Shield Switch " Up Boost"  10% Shield Light Boost  (Sheild grows Brighter)
    Shield Switch  "Down Off"  moved down.  Shield Lights off(Shield Lights Dim)
  Quote for Today

Do ye still not know and ye ignorant? Know ye not and do not understand that ye are all Angels, All Archangels, Gods and Lords, all rulers, all the great Invisibles, all those of the Midst, those of every region of them that are on the Right, all the Great Ones of the emanations of the Light with all their glory…”

Jesus, Pistis Sophia Treatise of the Gnostics



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