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 Labyrinth Walking Fire Letter Attunement
   Labyrinth Walking Fire Letter Attunement

To connect with the Name of God expressed in Fire Letters you have to be able to closely match the high vibrational frequency. Thus, the more you increase your frequency, the clearer your connection will be. It is very similar to tuning your radio dial to match the frequency of the desired radio station, you will only hear static until the frequencies comes within range. 

One way to raise your vibration is to do a Labyrinth Fire Letter Attunement. As you walk the labyrinth you intone the Fire Letters of the Mantra that has the qualities you want to release or absorb.   Then you visualize the color and form of the Letters within your body. This raises your vibration to match the Mantras. By the Law of Attraction, this Attunement allows you to draw in not only your Mantras's energy but also similar energy. Like attracts Like.

Do Attunement:

  • While walking the Labyrinth imagine that the three letter combination of Hebrew letters of your "Decree for your Goal" are brightly smoldering in their special color as if on fire. Each letter should be visualized in their corresponding color.See and feel the different color energy coming off each letter like waves .
  • Begin to repeat like a mantra, the letters slowly over and over again. If possible, vibrate the letters at the pitch of middle C. You will begin to develop a slow rhythmic breathing by repeating the letters over and over again in a manner that is comfortable for you.
  • Keep focusing on the three letter combination of Hebrew letters are brightly smoldering as if on fire.
  • As you intone the Mantra the color of Fire coming off each Letter becomes more intense. The  Letters will glow brighter and brighter.
  • As you walk think about meaning of the Letter as described in the Tarot Key. When thinking of the Letter visualize the Tarot Key Picture associated with the Letter. You might want to take a tarot picture for each letter with you. Visualize the quality, power or outcome  associated with the Letters that make-up the God Name. 

  • At the Center of the Labyrinth bring this energy into your body. As you stand in the center of the Labyrinth see the colored Fire Letters coming down from your Higher Self that is floating directly above you. Let each of the colored Fire Letters enter the top of your head one at a time. During the visualization you should feel and think about the energy that is coming into your body and/or images that are flowing into your mind as the Letter enter your crown chakra.

  • See and feel the energy both physically and emotionally flowing into you. Think about the meaning of each letter and what it gives you or takes away from you.

  • Let the letters flow through your body one at a time . The sensation you will feel in your body will correspond to the color of the Fire Letter. As a red letter flows through you, feel the heat of the Red. If it is a blue fire letter  feel the coolness of the Blue fire. 

  • See this Fire Letter energy as a stream of crystalline colored light: crisp, clean and radiant flames. Visualize sacred fire filling your entire body . Imagine it. Feel it. Remember energy follows thought. If you imagine it, you will create it. 

  • Now on your return walk see the first letter entering your spine. Feel it vibrating color at the spine, the second letter enters and is vibrating at the heart center and third letter enters and is vibrating at the head. Think about the meaning of the each Letter and how it relates to the purpose of the Chakra it is residing in.

  • After the walk  is over you should do this visualization daily. Start with 5 minutes a day and try to work up to 20 minutes a day.

Another Way to Attune the Fire Letters into your Body

  1.  Enter Labyrinth and walk Yellow Path marked  3
    Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax for a few seconds. Imagine your chosen letter combination floating as bright colored light particles all around you, wrapping you with blissful energies. Let the letters blink in front of your eyes. Look at them thoroughly; internalize the shapes of the letters. Imagine how the letters slowly move closer to you, whirling in a spiral and penetrating into your third eye. Now visualize them floating inside your head. Breathe deeply and notice how you feel right now. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, “push” the letters down into your body.

At the second path begin to arrange the three letter combination with the Tarot Key along the body.  Imagine the sacred name lined up vertically along the body

  1. Turn and Walk Orange Path Marked 2
    Visualize the first letter in Fire Color with Tarot Key  - on the forehead, above the third eye
  2. Turn and walk Red Path marked 1
    While maintaining the image of the First letter , Visualize the second letter in Fire Color with Tarot Key – at the solar plexus
  3. Turn and walk Green Path marked 4
    While maintaining the image of the first and second letter, Visualize the third letter in Fire Color with Tarot Key – at your feet

After the letters are arranged along the body, align them horizontally (in a straight line with the solar plexus) :

  1. Turn and walk Violet Path Marked 7
    Visualize the first letter in Fire Color with Tarot Key– at the inside of your right palm of hand
  2. Turn and walk Blue Path Marked 6
    Visualize the  second letter in Fire Color with Tarot Key – stays at the solar plexus
  3. Turn and enter into the center White
    Visualize the third letter in Fire Color with Tarot key – at the inside of your left palm of hand

On your return walk visualize your body with the letter combination arranged vertically and horizontally. Hold this vision in your mind for a few minutes, take a deep breath and feel the great energy of the letters illuminate the body from within. Pay attention to images in your mind and sensations in your body .

After the Walk  is over keep this letter combination in your mind for a few days. It is also advised to draw this letter combination directly on the skin, on the inner side of your left wrist. These are visualization tools, which can be used in your daily life to improve your outlook and consequently, attract joy and abundance to yourself.


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Note: Hebrew letters are read Left to Right;

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