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Crystal Communication Head Ring

We have created the most potent energy tool for manifesting your intentions clearly and quickly. Our Crystal Communication Head Rings(CCHR) pulled together:

  • Fire Letters that activate the multi-dimensional communication circuitry in your head chakras
  • Hematite Magnet to ground ones energy and bring in the higher light energies
  • The most powerful channeling energizing stones 

The CCHR  helps you to deliver your intention to the universe by giving you the power to paint a clear detailed picture of your intention in your head. Remember energy follows thought.

The central component of the CCHR is a ring of clear Vinyl Tubing filled with Hematite magnets and Fire Letters on the outside of the Ring. Inside the ring are seven different stone selections wrapped around a copper wire.  It fits over and around the  top of your head just above your ears with your Crown Chakra uncovered in the middle of the Ring.  The Head Ring  forms a ring that circles your head just above your Temple Chakras and third eye chakra.  The CCHR vibrationally links the upper 5 head chakras with the Pineal Gland

1. Right Temple, Pineal Gland,  Left Temple
2. Third Eye, Pineal Gland, Casual Chakra
3. Crown Chakra, Pineal Gland,  Throat Chakra 
4. Third Eye, Pineal Gland, Alta Major

The Ring creates a ‘channel’ of energy from the hematite magnets, crystals and fire letters which flows in both directions creating a  focused beam of energy to connect you to the Divine Spirit and your Spiritual Guidance Team.  This increases the power of the Fire Letters, Stones and Copper Wire to balance the pituitary and pineal glands along with the left and right hemispheres of the brain that stimulates synapse and activates a larger amount of the brain

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Kabbala Transmission Aids

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Note: Hebrew letters are read Left to Right;

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