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Making Contact with Departed Soul
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Need to send Love And Light to Love One who has Crossed Over to the Other Side?

In Christianity, life is eternal, and if someone has left their physical body, their soul continues to exist in the spiritual realms.† Sometimes, it is possible to contact the deceased, to receive messages, and to know their soul is still alive and well even if they are not around us on the earthly level.† Our "Connection Candle and Free Meditation " with the Hebrew Fire Letter combination Cheth-Beth-Vau from the 72 names of God can help create this connection. The vibration of the Hebrew Name of God and Candle works with the Archangel of Transformation and Holy Death, Azrael, to open your communication channels so you can receive guidance, love and emotional support from a deceased friend or loved one. This is not about sťance or witchcraft, it is based on attuning to the frequency of God's name for helping departed souls that have passed over and loved ones that have been left behind. Click here to read complete instructions & meditation†

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Kabbala Transmission Aids

Need help on learning and using  the Fire Letters...Great website for all your needs.

Click here for Transmission Aids

Note: Hebrew letters are read Left to Right;

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