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Michael's Blue Flame Sword and Wings Candle
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This Candle works directly with the Blue Flame Sword of Archangel Michael and the Blue Flame Wings of the Blue Lightening Angels.  The Candle helps you to download the Sword and Wings to help you achieve protection and special enhanced spiritual power that gives you inner strength on all levels: physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. This candle can be use before doing the Archangel Michael's Protection Transmission

The Blue Flame Wings are a special gift from Archangel Michael.  Once activated the Blue Flame Wings work together with the Blue Flame Sword as one energetic transmutation device.  The Blue Flame Sword works with the candle creating a power source that:

  • gives you protection from all that does not serve the highest good.
  • allows you to clear dark and unbalanced energies from your self and others.
  •  grounds and neutralizes negative or low level frequencies
  • doubles your power by merging with the Blue Flame Wings.

The Blue Flame Wings intensify the power of the Sword for clearing out massive negative energies from communities, cities, states and the Earth as a whole. They allow you to address problems of a Global Nature.  Sometimes you work on one problem for months and nothing changes. You feel like you have hit a brick're going nowhere. The Wings and Sword can help you to move into a new Timeline where the problems are nonexistent.  Basically this method will effortlessly "unjam" you.   There is NO linear progression to a Solution.

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