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16oz Crystal Light Pyramid Charged Holy Fire Water
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Holy Water +  Intentions + Fire Letter Transmitters + Sound Frequencies +
Sacred Geometry + Crystal Pyramid Energy + Spiritual Guidance Team 

Crystal Light Pyramid charged Holy Fire Water is water that has been blessed in the National Shrine  of "Virgen de San Juan del Valle Bascilica"  San Juan Texas. It is charged for 48 hours under the Crystal Light Pyramid with Hebrew Fire Letter Energy Enhancers and Sacred Geometry Crystalline Grids.  Using the Holy Fire Water can help turn your ordinary bath waters into a powerful source of protective energies. It is the perfect space and aura cleansing spray for when you are feeling the effects of negative energy and want to feel positive, peaceful and uplifted. Use Holy Fire Water to feel grounded, centered and energetically protected whether at home, in your car, or at work.   Each Water Bottle is checked for quality control with Resonant Field Imaging(RFI) to ensure the Water has the vibration for removing high frequency negative energy. 

"Virgen de San Juan del Valle Bascilica" in South Texas is one of the state's most popular pilgrimage spots, welcoming over one million visitors each year.  Each year Pilgrims return home with stories of healings, blessings and miracles that they have received after visiting the Shrine.

How We Activate Water
The Three Day Water Treatment

First Day

  • First the Holy Water is bottled and a  Fire Letter Transmitter  is attached to the outside of the Water Bottle to bring in specific frequencies of Light, Love and Healing . (Based on research of Dr. Masura Emoto "Messages in Water").
  • Second the Bottled Water is attuned with "Om" Tuning Fork for balance and physical, emotional and spiritual healing and health .
  • Third the Bottled Water is a placed on a Sacred Geometry Grid under the Russian Style Crystal Light Pyramid.
  • Fourth the Pyramid is connected to the Sirius Stargate and the Angelic Host and Star Being Communication Network.
  • Fifth, we call in the Stargate's Spiritual Guidance Team to help program and energize the Bottled Water. The Guidance Team includes  the Christ, Archangel Michael, the Holy Spirit /Fohat, Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, the Sirian Arcgangelic League of the Light and the Orion High Council.
  • Sixth,  Bottled Water is energized under the Pyramid for 24 Hours.

Second Day:

  • First water is placed in the Center piont of the 7 circuit  labyrinth   before dawn
  • Second the Center of Labrinth is opened into Inner Earth and we call in the Inner Earth's Spiritual Guidance Team including Elohims, Fire of Water Dragons, Devas, Elemental, Nature Spirits and Fairies to help program and energize Water.
  • Third,  the Water is attuned with "Earth Planetary " Tuning Fork
  • Fourth, Water remains in center of the Labrynth for 24 hours.

Third Day

  • Quality Control procedures are implemented with the Resonant Field Imaging Freqency Counter (RFI). The RFI is  a quantitative method for objectively determining the nature of energy fields. It detects the predominant color within the waters energy field and automatically interprets the image based on ITEM's extensive research. To clear negative energy the water most regrister within the color frequency for Gold, White, Silver or Violet Fire.
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