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8oz Rue (Ruda) wash
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Pleasant herbal Rue wash in your home or in your ritual bath. Bring blessings into your home and into your life. Much like the evergreen, Rue is harvested from the hearty Mediterranean Rue plant. The extract from the feathery blue green leaves of the Rue plant offer triple fast action in your home blessings or purification bath. This amazing wash is not only pleasant in its smell and strong in its power, it is also amazingly versatile. Simply scrub the floor and steps of your home to make way for a blessed life or, mix into warm bath water while reading the 23rd Psalm and concentrating on your desires. Used religiously this house and body wash will invite fresh blessings into your world and give you an enlightened outlook on your new life. For a household wash, Rue Wash is used to remove and help protect against hexes, curses, and jinxes

Rue Wash is a common addition to Transmissions, used to remove and help protect against hexes, curses, and the evil eye. Add it to your floor scrubs and washes.
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