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Group Intentions

Aligning with Your Heart

Your Intention work best when they are combined with feelings of the heart. We need to get into our heart center when we send out our intentions. Write down one or two things that the Universe has given to you that you are grateful for. Since it is important that you FEEL gratitude or love. In this light, write down something you can remember the feeling of love or caring about. For example, you might be grateful for your wife or mother.

Alternatively, you may focus on a feeling of appreciation for someone or something positive in your life. Try to write down something that you have strong feelings about, what is important in this step is that you can write down something that you can experience the feeling. This isn't just mental visualization-picturing something in our minds. For instance you may picture your last vacation in Hawaii to trigger a positive feeling, but the question is what did it feel like, not (or not just), What did it look like. This step is intended to evoke the feeling memory.

Aligning with your Head

The intention process is just about as simple as it can be. All you have to do is say "I intend and then follow it up with whatever it is that you desire. It could be anything. Remember to always include "if it serves the highest and best good of the universe, me and everyone everywhere". Therefore we have invoked the "Highest Good" and we "So be it and so it is".

The sending of the intentions involves everyone in the circle. At the end of the intention the speaker asks the group if they agree. Everyone says "yes" if they agree with the intention. The Speaker says "So be it". The group says "It is done"

� Are you in agreement? (The Speaker)

� Yes (The Group)

� So be it (Speaker)

� It is Done (The Group)

Example of an Intention

I intend to free every living being from all their suffering and bring them to the happiness of full enlightenment and ascension. For this reason. I intend to develop my mind, to develop wisdom and compassion. To succeed in this I intend to have a long life and be free from outer obstacles, such as poverty, disease, and from inner obstacles, negative thoughts and actions and their imprints on my mind and body. Therefore, to benefit and bring happiness to every living being, I am raising the cone of power.

From now on, I intend live my life in a meaningful way and do all my actions with the motivation to attain enlightenment and health for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Are you in agreement? (The Speaker)
Yes (The Group)
So be it (Speaker)
It is done (The Group)

Aligning the Group.

The first step to create the cone of power is to create synergy (1 plus 1 = 3). We do this by using the Oneness formula: 1) sitting together in a circle; 2) touching; 3) Inviting; 4) Turning, 5) Toning and 6) holding the silence. When we do this things electricity, feeling of oneness takes over and sends our intentions into manifestation.

This part of the circle, participant sits in meditation in the western meditation position. Their feet should be flat on the floor, back straight, legs and arms uncrossed. Their hands should be lying on their thighs with the palms facing the heavens. Everyone is given paper and pencil. People in this part of the service are amazed at how easy it is to talk with their guides. The essence of opening to your guides is simply coming into an open hearted state. The Grounding, Releasing, Aligning and Conversing exercises prepare you to do this, to help you become receptive and accepting and to experience compassion, tenderness, deep understanding.

1. Sit in your sacred space with feet flat on floor and your eyes closed. Join hands. Sense the presence of your angel or guide drawing closer and closer to you. Imagine that its wings or arms are softly folded around you.

2. As you inhale and exhale slowly, feel or sense the presence of your angel/guide reaching out to you. Breathe in this closeness and let a question rise up within you.

3. Bring your attention to your heart. Place the intention you want to manifest in your heart by visualizing the words written there.

4. With the words of your intention in your heart and in your mind, connect to your deep desire to hear the voice of your angel. Listen in your heart and in your throat. Be aware of feelings that come up. Angels and guides reach us through feelings and are open to the words that arise.

5. Think about those gratitude's you have written down. Make a sincere effort to shift your focus away from the racing mind or disturbed emotions to the area around your heart. Pretend you are breathing through your heart to help focus your attention in this area.

Remember the feeling of love or care you have for someone whom it's easy for you to love. Alternatively, focus on a feeling of appreciation for someone or something positive in your life. Try to stay with the feeling what is important in this step is experience the feeling.

6: Turning create an energy vortex and toning

Now we intend take all of the intentions made here tonight and send them out to the universe on a cone of power that we create in the center of this circle

WE create the cone of power in the Center of this circle with our breath and heart energy.

Now we will link our energy together around the circle.

Continue to breathe deeply. Now let's breathe together...breathing the deep breath of the belly... Inhale slowly love and light ...
Exhale power and creation...
Inhale love and light.
Exhale power and creation.
Feel yourself relax with each breath.
Become refreshed with each breath.
Feel your worries floating away with each breath.
As we breathe together .inhale love and light . . . exhale power and creation

Now feel our breath as it meets in the center of the circle.
As we breathe as one. Breathing one breath inhale love and light...exhale power and creation. Breathing one circle...Breathing one living organism with each breath...becoming one circle...with each breath becoming one.

We are filling you with light and love,

Focus on your heart center and let the light expand and intone "Ahhh" sound.

You feel a healing warm flow of energy from your heart.

It flows from your heart filling your entire body

You feel radiantly alive and filled with Love for all things.

Now, you're going to send this energy to your friends in this circle

Let the heart energy flow up and down your arm and send it out your right hand

You are sending this love-light to everyone in this circle...

You are merging your energy with theirs. Your neighbor

You are also receiving this healing love-light into your opposite hand

Feel your left hand take in the power of the circle

Feel your right hand send out the power of the circle

Feel this energy flowing from one hand to another.

Send it out ...Take it in .feel all the energy merge into one power source...

Send it out take it in. around and around it goes.

So that now you are part of a circle of light that's getting brighter and brighter.

This circle or wheel of light is beginning to spin in a turn counter clockwise direction ...

Faster and faster

The energy is pulsating through you. Around you

And now, the wheel begins to spin faster and faster...and as it picks up speed, it glows even brighter, and the excess energy is flowing into the center of the circle

As when you spin anything fast enough-it begins to make a sound.

And the sound is "Ahhhh" Everybody tone "Ahhhh

As we intone we are creating a beautiful vortex or cylinder of light in the center of the circle that extends up into the heavens and beneath us into the heart of mother earth.

This vortex of energy is creating powerful cone manifesting light energy, as we intone we merge with this energy.


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