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  Galactic Light Code Attunement


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Galactic Light Codes are energetic symbols that convey the frequencies of light, sound, sacred geometry, and cosmic information.  They contain within their coding The Language of Light, which is a universal language understood by all life. These symbols bypass the traditional language centers of the brain and are read and interpreted by your subconscios mind. The Galactic Light Codes contain information and wisdom from the seven primary star systems with which we most closely align: The Pleiades, Arcturus, Lyra, Orion, Sirius, Cassiopeia, and Andromeda. These codes will assist you in releasing outdated emotional. attitudial and belief patterms so that you may bring in experiential knowledge and wisdom of these star systems. This is a shortcut to your Ascendtion destination,  these codes assist with accelerating your personal transmutation into a 5th dimensonal being of Light.

Galactic Transmitting and Receiving Stations 
Their are two important transmitting stations for Galactic Light Codes: one in Texas and one in Egypt.  Currently Moody Gardens Tri- Pyramid Complex, Galveston Texas and the Giza Pyramid in Egypt are recieving, assimulating and transmitting Galactic Light Codes that allows the Earth, the Deva Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, the Animal Kinddom and Mankind to regenerate itself. The Tri-Pyramid Complex and Giza transmits these coded vibrations across the planet to help us return to our original state of being.

The Tri-Pyramid Complex in Galveston transmutes and transmits specfic vibrational keys and codes attuned to the mission of each of the Planetary Gateways  in the Western Hemisphere and Giza Pyramid transmutes and transmits specific codes coresponding to the mission of the Planetary Gateways in Eastern Hemisphere.The Galatic Light Code Attunement allows you to directly absorb light codes from all the Planetary Gatways thereby turning on your Starcodes for Feathered Serpent Consciousness.

What is Feathered Serpent Consciousness?

Feathered Serpent Consciousness is part of the Divine Plan to develop "World Inner Balance and Androgyny". Feathered Serpent Consciousness helps us to balance opposites and merge with our Higher Self. When the Divine Spirit created our Original DNA Blueprint  the  "Feathered Serpent Star Codes", switched on to give us the ability to attain a Balanced Cosmic Consciousness. This latent DNA strand integrated Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Male and Female. However, these Star Codes were switched off by social conditioning of religious organizations controlled by the Dark Brotherhood and created an imbalance ...Matter dominated Spirit ....Evil dominated Good...Masculine dominated Feminine, and individuals  became unbalanced. This information was transmitted into our DNA, and so this imbalance has been propagated.


Attunement to the Transmitting Station

  • Now we center our attention on the Heart Chakra. Feel it glowing and spinning with love energy. Feel this ball of pink light.
  • Send out an energy stream to connect your Heart Chakra to the gigantic glass pyramid aquarium at Moody Gardens in Galveston.  Feel your heart pumping energy into the Galveston Pyramid filled with Golden Dolphins swimming and chanting God's Holy name. Yod -Hey -Shin- Vau- Hey . See the Pyramids lighting up with Heart Power.  Brighter and brighter. 
  • Let the Galveston Pyramid explode and send an energy stream that connects the Moody Garden Pyramid to the Giza Pyramid.  See the Giza Pyramid lighting up with Heart Power.  Feel your connection to the energies of Isis, Ra, Thoth, and all the Cosmic Beings of this Ancient Civilization.
  • See the Pyramid get brighter and brighter until it explodes. Sending an energy stream back to the your Heart Chakra. The energy stream is now a continuous power line. You have formed a burning triangle, from your Heart Charka to the Moody Garden Pyramid, from the Moody Garden Pyramid to Giza Pyramid. Then from the Giza Pyramid  back to your Heart Chakra. Feel the energy circulate thru the triangulated connection. Visualize a burning triangle.
  • The burning triangle now forms a golden beam of light in its center that shoots up to the Planetary Grid surrounding the Earth and shoots down into the Crystalline Grid at the core of the planet. Visualize a column of light running from the heavens extending into the Earth. 
  • As the Beam shoots downward and hits the Core of the Planet. Visualize the release of the sacred Crystalline codes in the Language of Light from Mother Earth.  You may see these codes as light, geometrical shapes, beings of light, voices or many other things.  See all these codes floating around you.   Let these codes descend over you… infusing your entire auric field.
  • See this beam of light shoot upwards  ... see it hit the Unity Grid that surrounds the Earth. Once again sacred crystal codes are released. You may see these codes as light, geometrical shapes, beings of light, voices or many other things.  See all these codes floating around you.   Let these codes descend over you… infusing your entire auric field.
  • Inhale these codes into the crown of your head and let them slowly descends through your body.  Bring in this coded information into the cells of your body.  Feel these codes absorbing into your body.
  • See inside and ourside of your body a spiral whirlwind of rotating codes ... See codes traveling through your physical body, energizing your body internally and externally, healing the organs, transmuting the causes of disease within these organs, reversing negative spirals of degenerating and restoring positive spirals of regeneration. Feel them saturating you with God’s love for you… flushing out hurtful memories, painful records that replay through our mind.
  • You feel an enormous amount of light and energy flowing through your four body system. These codes are now a part of you and will be working through your four body system…raising your light quota … for healing...for understanding…for removing  the negative energy that is clouding one’s life.
  • The second after this happens you should feel a slight tingling sensation in your nervous system. This is 6th dimensional energy pouring into your chakras and energy fields. This is a special coating of geometric forms, key codes, fire letters and colors that are being placed inside you. Whenever any aspect of your selves  get off balanced, the codes activate and automatically put’s your whole program back in balance.
  • Feel the energy removing and releasing all chords and triggers for curses, hexes and spells directed at you in this lifetime or any other lifetime.  Releasing any implant mechanisms, veils, memory loss, psychic seeds, any voodoo programming of any kind,  along with programmed viruses, parasites, drug induction triggers, and any other mechanisms or program that influences me to accept a counterfeit of My I Am Presence  

Recite out loud:

I AM Universal Light
I AM Universal Love
I AM Universal Harmony
I Am Universal Balance
I Am one with the Planetary Grids of Divine Creation 


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