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Healthy Living
& Wellness Festival

The National Office of Drug Control Policy has identified a growing national concern regarding the increase use, misuse and abuse of prescription medications in the past five years.

  • 2011 analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  reported Opioid analgesic (pain reliever) sales increased nearly four-fold between 1999 and 2010;
  • Almost four-fold increase in opioid (narcotic pain medication) overdose deaths and substance abuse treatment admissions almost six times the rate during the same time period.
  • Prescription drug abuse-related emergency department visits and treatment admissions have risen significantly in recent years.
  • Negative outcomes include overdose and death, falls and fractures in older adults, and, for some, initiating injection drug use with resulting risk for infections such as hepatitis C and HIV.
  • 2014 NSDUH report, 12.7% of new illicit drug users began with prescription pain relievers.

In 2013, health care practitioner across the nation  developed innovative, out-of-the-box programs to address this public health crisis. The Church of the Divine supports and finances events and workshops that are  designed to connect local youth and families with Traditional, Complimentary and Alternative healthcare approaches which help manage physical, mental, and emotional pain without having to rely on potent and  eventually addictive or harmful prescription drugs.

In 2014 and 2015 The Church of the Divine Spirit sponsored a Healthly Living and Wellness Festival. These Festivals featured a wide variety of holistic healthcare modalities known to reduce stress, pain, depression, and addictive behavior. The 2017 Healthy Living and Wellness Festival is committed to increasing public awareness and understanding of the vast continuum of healthcare practices to address theses issues and  helping to find solutions to this national crisis.

It is our mission to make information available for individuals actively working to improve themselves and the planet. Our focus is on a high quality affordable healthcare model that supports a holistic & earth friendly lifestyle, preventive health & wellness education, self-help solutions, alternative medicine resources, spirituality, and environmental awareness.  We support a drug free and pain free approach to healthcare that addresses the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. and  integrates conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat disease, and most importantly, to promote optimal health.

During our last two festivals in 2014 and 2015 individuals treated themselves to an exciting, fun-filled day at South Texas's  largest health and natural therapies show... Jam-packed with 45,000 square feet of new experiences. People learned from exhibitors, stopped in for FREE inspirational seminars, joined a FREE T'ai Chi & Yoga Class, booked themselves an intuitive counseling session, relaxed with some body pampering with a massage, explored new natural therapies, tried  the latest herbal supplements, watched the FREE stage performances, joined a FREE meditation session and tasted some delicious health foods!

During these Festivals individuals opened themselves up to a new dimension; They saw, tried and bought unique wellness and healthy living products and gifts from shops selling jewelry, cosmetics, music, books, giftware, clothing, crystals, educational courses, body treatments and more! We had something for everyone who would like to start living a happier, healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

2015  Sponsors
CQ Integrative Health * Energy Meditation Center*Gourmet Central* Harlingen Medical Center* RGV National Day of Prayer * SPI Pest
Texas-Mexico Holistic Health Network
Valley Baptist Health System* Valley Regional Medical Center

2015 Exhibitor Directory
Products & Services on Show

At the 2015 Festival people saw these products and service demonstrations and talked to health experts. Individuals felt, experienced, tried and bought the latest Health and Wellbeing products and services.

Click here to see all the 2015 Healthy Living and Wellness Festival Mind, Free Performances and Workshops 

List of 2015 Special Workshops

Valley Regional Medical Center

Mariana Whitley Tumlinson | Community Relations Manager
Valley Regional Medical Center | 100 A Alton Gloor Blvd. |
Brownsville, Texas  78526

956.350.7745 office | 956.545-4588 mobile

Tai Chi Chuan

Join the Valley Regional Medical Center H2U members for a Tai Chi Chuan demonstration that focuses on the health benefits of breathing, movement, and meditation.


Join the Valley Regional Medical Center H2U members for a Zumba demonstration that mixes exercise and fun while dancing salsa, merengue and more.

Line Dancing

Join the Valley Regional Medical Center H2U members as they demonstrate how to have fun while getting fit and line dancing.

Stroke Prevention and Identification

Learn how to recognize the signs of stroke and how to reduce your chances of stroke. The Valley Regional Medical Center Stroke Program Coordinator will offer information and answer questions regarding stroke. Time lost is brain lost. Valley Regional Medical Center saves both.  Valley Regional Medical Center is a recognized Advanced Primary Stroke Center.

Diabetes Management Clinic

FREE – Get your blood glucose and blood pressure checked by a Valley Regional Medical Center team member and learn how to prevent and/or manage diabetes. Valley Regional Medical Center offers free diabetes screenings and diabetes management classes (group and individual) FREE of charge to the community.

Awaken the Body:
The Holistic Approach to Aging

Brian Sanderoff, PD
Well Being Holistic Pharmacy
11350 McCormick Rd, EP1, Suite 102
Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Description:  There is no such thing as “anti-aging” in medicine. But, there is such a thing as more graceful aging and that is what this talk is about – learning what we can do so our bodies work better and longer and allow for a more productive lifetime. Attendees will learn how every chronic disease that we try to avoid (or treat after it occurs) is really just the body doing what it is supposed to do based on the instructions that we give it from the outside world – homeostasis in action. We will explore a new understanding of how our genes play a role in the development of disease or dysfunction and an appreciation of how to influence positive change. We will also learn the proper way to evaluate and use the tools at our disposal – diet, exercise, herbs, vitamins, relaxation techniques, etc.

Awaken the Body:
The Essential Six - the Supplements that everyone should take

Brian Sanderoff, PD
Well Being Holistic Pharmacy
11350 McCormick Rd, EP1, Suite 102
Hunt Valley, MD 21031


Description:  Over the years, the question most often asked of Brian Sanderoff, holistic pharmacist and radio show host, is, “What supplements do you take?”  The implication is that Brian talks about a myriad of supplements for this or that condition, and the ones that he personally takes must be thereally important ones. This talk provides the answer to that question and more.  Here you will find the biochemical and scientific justification for taking certain supplements and/or tending to specific, key functions of the body.  Find out the hidden secrets to keeping your body functioning like it did when you were younger and avoiding the diseases of aging that generations in your family have suffered from... in other words, getting your genes to express themselves differently than your folks.

Alternative Health Strategies for Optimizing a Healthy State
Dr. Jesus Caquias
CQ Integrative Health
625 E. Price Road,Brownsville Tx
Phone: 956-831-9353 Mobile 956-525-3314

Description: Worldwide, people are being challenged with increasing toxicities of all kinds, overwhelming their bodies and the ability to repair itself. Restoring health is more than just suppressing symptoms. We need to restore the bodies ability to cleanse itself and rid itself of toxic burden. Our goal is to empower the public with the knowledge of what is affecting them, how to avoid exposure, and to teach strategies that will rid the body of toxicity, further improving function and restoring health. Dr. Caquias will discuss alternative health therapies, modalities and strategies for optimizing a healthy state.

A New Perspective on Diet and Exercise

Dr. Paul Lenz
Valley Day and Night Clinic
Brownsville Texas

The population is aging and many people are looking for ways to improve their lives in their later years and indeed increase longevity. There are many factors involved in aging and many can be modified. Dr. Lenz is a graduate of University of Waterloo Ontario Canada School of Engineering with a bachelors and masters in electrical engineering. He was instrumental in producing a prosthesis for a young girl to play the violin and this prompted his interest in medicine. He attended McMaster University Medical School in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He has practiced medicine since 1986.

Noticing his own decline, increased cholesterol and body weight he evaluated himself and realized many of his patients would benefit from the same kind of evaluation. So he enrolled in and graduated from the age management course put on by Cenegenics, an age management and education company. His own results have been remarkable with a 40 pound weight loss and an implementation of an exercise diet strategy along with supplemental medications. He offers a unique perspective on diet and exercise it's consistent with medical studies. The key to living longer is to" live better now."

4th Dimensional Healing: A New Paradigm of Healing
Randi Botnick
(443) 621-6059
Well Being Holistic Pharmacy
11350 McCormick Rd, EP1, Suite 102
Hunt Valley, MD 21031 website:

Our world is shifting from the third dimensional reality into the fourth. Each dimension is a different vibrational state that perpetuates certain perceptions and attitudes.

In fourth dimensional awareness people begin to have spiritual experiences that include insights and information from other beings. Intuition develops more fully, stimulating expansions of the five senses to perceive what is not readily apparent on the physical plane, increasing empathy, precognition, dreams and healing abilities. Connections are made with angelic beings, elementals and alien races. Becoming comfortable with your gifts and developing relationships with other-dimensional beings can enhance your healing practice and expand your own skills.

Animal Communicator

Glen Phillps Website:

Description: Glen Phillips, Whisper To Healing, is an animal communicator and healer.  Having always enjoyed being with dogs, cats and horses, he has been given the ability to speak to and understand what these amazing creatures have to say.  Being highly empathic, he also feels, not only the emotions, but also the pain or discomfort the animal is experiencing.  He can make sure you are both on the same page in your lives.

  • Understanding desires
  • Behavior issues
  • Training concerns
  • Helping achieve teamwork
  • Health issues
  • Removing negative energies
  • Healing injuries or illnesses
  • Help with critical decisions concerning end of life
  • Communication with companion animals that have transitioned
  • Grief counseling.  

Having had “pets” all his life, he knew that he could feel their needs and wants.  Now he sees and hears what these intelligent beings say and can get explanations from them of why they are acting up or feeling depressed.  All companion animals desire to make us happy and help us feel better about ourselves.  They only want to be understood and most importantly, LOVED!


Estate Planning To Feed Your Soul
Ramona Kantack Alcantara
Kantack Alcantara Law Office, P.C.


Description: Ramona will discuss the need for basic Estate Planning documents to protect assets and guide future health care decisions. She will also discuss the importance of these documents and processes to provide for the care of minor children or incapacitated adults.


Chakra Balancing Crystal Singing Bowl Guide Meditation

Dr. Roberta Dahl

Description : This is an excellent way to realign the energy fields of the human system described as your chakras. You can relax as you are guided through a chakra cleansing and balancing meditation while the trance-inducing bowls vibrate through your body, mind and spirit. The singing quartz crystal bowls produce a deeply relaxing, meditative trance conducive for healing. You will actually feel the frequency of the healing bowls reverberating around your body. Each singing bowl correlates to one of the 7 seven main chakras. Chakras are subtle centers of energy, which when awakened helps to establish an inner balance between the body, mind and spirit, the key for good health. Through guided imagery, we will journey through the chakras to open, cleanse, and activate your energetic field

Mountian Miracle
Church of Shambhala Healing and Meditation Tools for personal and planetary transformation. These tools incorporate the Science of Geomancy along with color and sound to weave the etheric field into alignment as well as balance energy in a room or space. At the show I would offer free sessions with the tools including sitting on the Magnetic Mat under the Solar Cross holding the Vajras while listening to the chanting on the CD. The sound on the CD balances the left and right brain hemispheres. I also sell wearable art made from Batiks from Bali: Caftans, Robes, Vests, and Scarves.(click here for more information)

Valley Keyboard

Learn to Play Piano!  Simple and Easy Basics for Beginning Adult Hobbyists
Discover the Health & Wellness Benefits of Making Music
YOU can Play! We Guarantee It! (Click here to find out more)


Energy Meditation Center


Sessions Aura Imaging, Chakra Balancing and Lemurian Crystal Light Table Therapy








Aura Imaging

Description:  There is a way you can see what you aura looks like. We have a resonant field sensor that will read what your aura and chakras are doing. This machine will show you on a screen what the aura and chakra conditions look like. We will demonstrate and discuss the overall health and balance of the energy in terms of bio-energetic science and can show you where there may be future health difficulties. RFI Provides: · Full color images and detailed interpretations of the Psychological Profile, Health Profile and Brain Waves. Medical Quality Brain mapping which prints color images of the Brainand detailed interpretation of right brain bioenergies, left brain bioenergies and integrated

Click here to find out more.






Energy and Chakra Balancing Sessions

Description: Our Energy and Chakra Balancing Sessions work to cleanse and heal the chakras from old issues and negative energies. These sessions are like a super-charged healing session and are a very powerful way to make changes in your life quickly. The energy of the individual Chakras can be balanced and cleansed using many methods, but nothing has been found to be more effective than our unique combination of cutting edge technologies... vibrational therapies, shamanic crystal reiki, pranic crystal healing and guided imagery.







Experience the Crystal Light Bed
for Detoxification & Rejuvenation

Description: The concept of the Crystal Bed was channeled to John of God. He developed the bed and incorporated it as an important healing modality at his healing center affectionately known as "the Casa."  Our Energy healing sessions use the Crystal Healing Beds are used for rejuvenation, alignment and balancing of our energy fields, which in turn aids in the process of spiritual and physical healing. This process utilizes consecrated, programmed crystals and channeled life force energy.

Church of the Divine Spirit

Ls Fresnos, Texas

An Introduction to the Healing Techniques of Bruno Groening
Church of the Divine Spirit
Description: Bruno Groening  was born in Germany 1906 and died in 1959. He was married and had two children. He was raised in a strict Catholic family, were no church service could be missed. Bruno started his healing ministry as a young boy and continued until he was 53 years old. His work peaked in 1949, when 30,000 people gathered in a city near Munich, Germany and received a mass healing through the power of God. Today thousands of people have experienced help and healing through his teachings. These healings are being documented by a group of medical professional called the Medical Scientific Group.

Tips On How to Heal & Channel 

Randi Botnick
Click Here to Find Out More

Descriptions: Only ten percent of our decisions and reactions originate from our conscious mind. Ninety percent comes from our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind perpetuates the same responses we have had in the past, keeping us stuck in a reality that may no longer exist, except within our own minds.  This is the reason why we keep repeating (or creating) patterns – we don’t have conscious control of ourselves.  Finding a way to thin the veil between those two worlds is absolutely vital to understanding ourselves fully, and ultimately to healing at a core level.

Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Healer and Channel Randi Botnick will discuss the methods that she uses to do just that with her clients, and how you can begin to do that for yourself (or your clients) as well. In this talk, Randi will:
• Explain what her vision of multidimensional healing is and why it is the best technique to heal the root causes of all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues
• Share her process of intuitive healing
• Offer examples of how this has worked to help hundreds of clients in her practice

You will have plenty of time to ask specific questions!


T'ai Chi Class

Instructor: Dr. Roberta Dahl & George Samano Obl.S.B., O.S.G. 


Description: Dr. R.E.Dahl and George M. Samano, Obl.S.B., O.S.G. were trained under the University of Incarnate Word, Spirituality and Arts Center of the Sisters of Charity in San Antonio. Dahl and Samano are practitioners of Tai Chi Chih. In addition, Samano studied for three years under the Grandmaster Jung in Houston. Jung coached the U.S. team in the fourth, fifth and sixth World Kung Fu Tournaments and has attained recognition worldwide. Dahl and Samano have been very fortunate to have had other classes with various Master throughout the years. Over the years, Dahl and Samano have conducted classes at UTB/TSC's Employee Wellness Program, Brownsville Independent School District Homeless Youth Program, Brownsville Medical Center's Premiere Plus Wellness Center and at community centers throughout the States of Texas and Indiana.

Awaken the Spirit:
Curandero Conversations

Dr. Tony Zavaleta


Description: Dr. Zavaleta considers his passion to be Mexican folk medicine called Curanderismo, and he has spent many decades studying the practice of folk medicine and folk healers on the border.  His interests have always been directed to how increased knowledge of other’s cultural realities leads to the improvement of the health care delivery system.

Dr. Zavaleta has published three books dealing with folk healing and medicinal plants and will speak about his book entitled, Curandero Conversations, which is the result of 25 year study of curandero†Alberto Salinas.  He will talk on his book that contains hundreds of actual ailments and remedies drawn from the tradition of border healer El Niño Fidencio (1898-1938). ​


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