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by Soluntra King

The Dragons are the guardians of the higher realms and our journey into them, into ourself. The ancient Egyptians believed they were the way to heaven, and the dragons work with the crystals in the Earth, the inner Light that is reflected by the crystals for us to realize within our self .The Dragons guard the precious gems that are our inner treasure and with the serpent which is the same energy it is the guardian of the base of our spine and kundalini. 

The Dragon People who inhabit the Inner Earth planes are guardians that hold the doorways of the volcanoes open or closed, and what energies are released or transmuted through them. The dragon people have created the dragon lines, crystalline grid and hold the energies on the Teutonic plates that work through the grids, the volcanoes, and geopathic faults on the Earth. So if the grids are in harmony then the Teutonic plates are in balance. The geopathic faults hold all the negative energies that emanate from humans and their astral creations which collect and flow through the faults, affecting people and places.

The Dragon People work through the volcanoes which are sacred portals that on the physical are release valves for the Earth, and for the dragon people are doorways that they move through and link with other dimensional worlds, much in the same way as the serpent tunnels at vortexes with spiraling universal energy that creates dimensional doorways from the stars and beyond into the Inner Earth.
You can communicate to the dragon people; they are playing a major role now with the earth changes as they created the energies on Earth to be inhabitable by humans in the first place and are again creating the change that is happening now.


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