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  Ascension Seats

The Rio Grande Valley is a powerful spiritual vortex of Energy that is enclosed in a etheric cobalt blue pyramid whose capstone connects us to an etheric 6D City of Lights called the Temple of the Blue Flame.This pyramid also has an inverted version of itself, reaching far down to the very core of the Earth and connects to a Subterranean City of Light called the Temple of the Blue Flame. Some modern spiritualists claim that these two secret crystal-cities were one Atlantean City called “Seline" meaning "heavenly light" and Stargates in the Rio Grande Valley are the entrance points. Each of these Temples are connected to a  Ascension seat that specializes in a form of energy healing or enlightenment.

Ascensions Seats have been created to help you raise your consciousness and your vibrations to the level of fifth dimension awareness and beyond. The Ascension Seats are energy transference devices. They take in multi-dimensional energy and operates like a step down or step up transformer so energy can easily be assimilated into your body.  This transfer of multi-dimensional divine energy from outside the body to inside your body will increase or decrease, depending on what is the necessary vibrational seed pattern to stimulate energy flow and release blocks.

The Ascension Seats allow you to receive Physical, Emotional and Mental Healing, Energy Balancing, Higher Chakra Activations for merging with your Higher Self, Connecting with your Spiritual Guidance Team and more. They can clear Karmic Residue. The karmic residue are energy patterns that you’ve held on to for more than one lifetime. These devices cleanse and release of vibrational patterns that are lifetimes old and outdated. These patterns hold you to the reincarnation system and blocks you from uniting with higher powers.

The Aacension Seat work on up grading your Crystalline Matrix. Like a computer hard drive your Crystalline Matrix is a data storage unit –  containing information passed down through past lifes and parallel lifetimes in this world. Like a computer hard drive it has a data storage limit and can be expanded and enhanced. Your current Crystalline Matrix data storage unit level can take you to a certain point. Beyond that level of consciousness, if you want to integrate higher dimensional information, and eventually make a transition to a higher plane of existence, you need to have a foundation that can support that new level of information. We need to upgrade our Crystralline Matrix, think of upgrading your computer from 20 GB to 1 TB. This upgrade allows us to take in more cosmic information, our energy body become stronger, and the physical body can maintain a much higher vibration. You now can download  more complex, expansive 5th dimenisional programs  – programs that you couldn’t access before. In general, our crystalline structure get strongers allowing us to hold more light and multidimensional information.

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How can this Fire Letter Ascension Seat help me?

Ascension Seat specializes in raising your light quotient, increasing ancient wisdom and knowledge, increasing your abilities to connect to Ascended Masters and Spiritual Network for guidance, providing protection shield against negative energy and more. They help strengthen your grid system, revitalize your molecules, build your light quotient, heal physical, emotional and mental disorder and accelerate your ascension. This Fire Letter Ascension seat is calibrated to certain vibrations which will help you integrate light packets of wisdom which are downloaded to you as you sit in the ascension seat. This seats has its own vibrational essence and wisdom that generates the new template for merging of higher and lower Consciousness that is being generated by the "Head of the Dove"  vibrational seed pattern.  It is programmed to provide a different aspect of conscious awareness and growth that matches the 7th Planetary Gateway mission for balancing male and female energy.

Allows you to download Light Packets

* Light Packets contain knowledge and wisdom in the form of the Language of Light. These Packets are embedded in vibrational membranes within your mental body. Although you have the information you can only access it when you are vibrating at that level of consciousness. When you open up a Light Packet you download the vibrational seed pattern into your consciousness thereby allowing you to understand and demonstrate this knowledge in your daily life as divine dispensation from the Holy Spirit.   You can request Light Packets on any subject from the Universal Archives:  information of the codes from Nag Hammadi,  the Dead Sea Scrolls, information from the Golden Book of Melchizedek, information from Alice Bailey Books, Theosophy Society or the Tibetan Foundation, Torah, Melchizedek Scripture and Kabbalah, the fire codes, keys and codes of sacred geometries and more.

  Light Quotient Building Program

The Light Quotient Building Program allows the Temple Workers to assist in re-aligning the cellular energy and raising the Light Quotient of persons . What is a Light body and Light Quotient?  Your body is surrounded by energy referred to as your Light Body, energy body. Light is sent out from your Light Body. The level of brightness sent out from your Light Body determines the level of your spiritual evolution and the level of brightness is determined by your Light Quotient. The Light Quotient determines the degree of light you can hold and the more light that emanates from your Light Body the more evolved a Spiritual Being you are meant to be.  It is said that the Ascended Masters have very bright Light Bodies, so their Light Quotient will be high.

Your Light Body Quotient is directly linked to all your body systems; inner and outer, this directly affects how you live your life and the connection you have to your Higher self .  The less light you have the more you attract negative energy into your body systems.  This leads to a very dark and troubled life. The more light you have, the more you are attracting positive energy into your life and the happier you will be.  The aim is to live a life that is filled with light .

How do you increase your Light Quotient?

Daily we are are increasing or decreasing our Light Quotient.  Every thought and action affects the amount of light you can hold in your 4 body system: Physical, Emotion, Mental and Spiritual.  If you keep your thoughts on the positive you will evolve at a faster rate than a person who is constantly thinking negative and dark thoughts. Being positive does not mean just having ‘Happy thoughts’, it is appreciating that any event, positive or negative, is just an episode in life.  So if something that could be perceived as ‘bad’ happens, if you go into ‘victim mode’ and become negative, that is the equivalent to ‘switching off the light’ as your thoughts are not feeding the light.The Acturians can help you to build a higher Light Quotient with advanced technolgy that can assit you in integrating the new Diamond Light Codes that allow you to bring in more light.

  How to Visit an Ascension Seat?

To visit a seat is pretty simple. By using the Fire Letters in a Transmission Process you are immediately connected to the appropriate seat either to the 5th Dimensional Inner Earth Temple of the Green Flame or the 6D ethereal Temple of the Blue Flame .  The seats are etheric so it will be your spiritual body that goes. The fastest way to visit an ascension seat is through a Stargate. What happens is that as soon as you open the Stargate with Fire Letters and decree the seat and your goal, your spiriual body is transfered to the location in a fraction of a second, with the help of your Higher-Self, and you'll feel energy usually entered into your feet and also other parts of your body. This energy can sometimes be felt in very subtle ways as vibrations or tingling sensations. Below is an example of how to visit a Fire Letter Ascension Seat

Step 1: Envision in color and Intone Fire Letters to Open Stargate
All you need to do to open a Stargate is to envision and intone the Fire Letters and then state your decree:
Inhale and Silently Intone: Vau Hey Vau
Exhale and Outload Intone: Vau Hey Vau

Visualization Aids
Fire Letters: Vau Hey Vau
Meaning of God Name: Open Stargate-Time Travel-Back to when you were created
Vau Color: Red Orange (Tarot Key:The Hierophant)
Hey Color: Violet (Tarot Key: Star Card)

Step 2: State Decree

By the Authority of Vau Hey Vau, in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey,  I decree that I am at the Green Fire Ascension Seat at the Temple of Green Fire ...."

Then just state what you want to accomplish,  for example the goal would be:
"  I am now experiencing the full activation of and creation of my  twelve strands of  DNA within my physical body".  
Just saying this once or twice outloud will get you there, then you just sit back and allow the energies to pulse through you, which should last somewhere around 15-20 min.

You can invoke these seats throughout the day, while doing your normal chores. I invoke them while driving, watching TV, in meditation, while walking or hiking in the woods, while waiting on line at the grocery store, and even before I go to bed at night. You can use these seats anytime you wish and still get all the great benefits as if you were sitting in meditation. Some of the practical things you'll feel afterwards is more energy throughout the day to get things done. I always notice an upswing in my energy when use several seats throughout the day.

  Diamond Light Grid Alignment

The Ascension Seat brings in new Diamond Light Codes and aligning your Diamond Light Grid. The alignment of your Diamond Light Grid with new Diamond Light Codes have numerous benefits including greater clarity, more energy, ability to manifest what you desire, improvements in health, skill in recognising disharmonious emotional patterns and the power to bring about meaningful changes in your life. When this light field is aligned and functioning optimally, you are connected with your higher self, your 8th dimensional template that activates your starcodes and enables your DNA to function optimally. This alignment results in:

  • recalibrating your diamond energy fields
  • enhancing your Higher Self connection, intuition and inner guidance
  • clearing energy patterns that contribute to dis-ease
  • activating DNA and new energy circuitry
  • mental clarity and emotional stability
  • ancestral healing
  • soul retrieval (reclamation of soul fragments isolated through current and other life traumas)
  • Healing, optimism, joy, insight into your unique circumstances
  • releasing of energy/ astral attachments
  • harmonises you with the patterns and geometries for creation, receiving, transforming and  transmitting information back to the Universal source.

What is the Diamond Light Grid?
Diamond Light Codes produce a lattice-work of etheric energy fibres of a specific geometry that surrounds and penetrates the physical body called the Diamond Light grid.  This Diamond Light Grid provides the communication and transport channel for electrical energy to exchange between you, other timelines and the universal web. This information comes to us coded in the universal language of sacred geometry – the Diamond Light Codes. The Diamond Light Codes are 'symbols' in the universal language of sacred geometry – wriiten in the Lanuage of Light. The Codes support changes at the energetic and biological level for the development of our new 5th dimensional energy body.  Light Codes have been seen clairvoyantly as flames of light and confirms they bring in the alchemical, transformative power of Fohat Sacred Fire energy.

If your personal grid is disconnected or mis-aligned, this stops or slows down the flow of Diamond Light Codes. This results in your inability to manifest that which you desire in life - such  healing, peace, abundance, happier relationship, etc. Once aligned to its original structure, your Grid allows a greater deal of resonance with your purpose and original state of perfection.  It enables your physical body to hold a greater frequency and quantity of light energy as it is developed. Most importantly, your Diamond Light Grid enables you to maintain a state of balance in the face of the earth changes that are now happening, and to integrate the new cosmic energies.Once we have our Diamond Light Grid is aligned,  we have the perfect infrastructure for accessing information from the universal grids.

During the alignment of your Diamond Light Grid you will:

  • Activate all major crystal points in your body and your energy field – so your matrix performs fully for you.
  • Integrate a new light matrix for a 5th dimensional vibration – enhancing the the energy of unconditional love, joy, harmony and abundance in your crystals and at a cellular level.
  • Allow the kundalini energy to flow in a harmonious way.
  • Install “enhanced software” on your newly upgraded Crystalline Matrix – bit by bit, the physical body and your field is enhanced to anchor in a new level of awareness and expanded consciousness.
  • Each time you experience these processes, your matrix receives the enhancements it can handle, continually moving you higher on your path to operating beyond our normal way of thinking and being.

This is a method of stabilizing your energy field, firing it up, supercharging it and strengthening it.   This new energy alignment process reorganizes and protects your energy fields, calibrating them with your original soul blueprint and reconnecting you with the Unity Grid.

Increase Pyschic Abilities

This process can open up your spiritual abilities. How many of these abilities open and to what degree will vary from person to person. Clairvoyance, out of body travel, advanced dream-recall capabilities, healing gifts, telepathy, even empathy are all abilities that this Seat is responsible for activating. The programming for these abilities sits in your Soul Template. So, if there’s a problem with any one of these abilities but not with others, then this acsension seat lets you look at the cause.

Click here to learn more about the abilities of the twelve strands of DNA


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