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  Alignment: Six Pointed Star

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Draw the six pointed star on body and recite words of the language of light.

1. Stand straight or in a seated potion, feet together.

2. With the thumb(spirit), the index finger (Divine fire)  and the middle finger (earth) you are going to make one Flaming Blue Triangle on your body with the Apex at the Crown Chakra and the base at your left and right shoulders.

Take your Index Finger touch the top of your head to form a blue ball of fire. The blue fire ball forms the apex of the blue flame triangle. Now intone:  .
Eheiah Asher Eheiah (A-hey-yah asher A-hey-yah) I Am that I Am.

I decree I have the absolute certainty in the lightforce of God

← Yod Resh Ayin ←


All the power that ever was and will be is here now and I am a clear and present channel for it. Aum

2. Now  draw the blue flames downward, as if drawing down the light of the Universe, move the hand downward from the Crown to your left shoulder to form one side of the flaming blue triangle. Touch left shoulder and intone:
Elohim Gibir (El-oh-Heem Ge-boor)
← Lamed Yod Yod ←


I decree I am Drawing down the light to do battle for me

 I am a Spiritual Warrior. I have the strength, courage and protection to transmute all negative into positive in all the circumstances of my life.

3. Move the blue flame with your hand across your chest to right shoulder and form the Base of the Triangle. Touch the right shoulder and intone:

← Shin Hey Mem ←
I am a Spiritual Healer. I heal all things needful, both spiritual and material from my I Am Presence

4. Move hand back to crown chakra to complete blue flame triangle. You should now have a glowing blue fire triangle connecting the  crown chakra, left shoulder and right shoulder. 

Make Second Triangle of Orange Flames that is upside down with the apex pointing towards the Earth. 

1. Move hand to the left Hip and  touch left Hip and create a ball of orange fire that forms a corner of the base of the second triangle and intone:
El-oh-heem Tzah-bah-oth

← Zayin Yod Yod ←


I decree I have the Power of correct words to transform reality

2. Move the orange fire with your hand from your left hip to your right hip to create a line of orange fire that is the base of the triangle.  Touch the right hip and intone
Yah-ho-vah tzah bah-oth

← Yod Yod Hey ←

I decree I have the power of Prophecy and Intuition to transform consciousness

3. Now move your hand downward, drawing a line connecting your right hip to your sacred chakra, that forms the apex of the triangle. Touch the center of the Sacred chakra and intone
Shah-dye-EL-Ki  (Touch the sacred chakra)

← Ayin Hey Resh ←


I decree I Transform life's hardships into blessings

4. Now complete the triangle by drawing your hand up from the sacred chakra and back to your right hip.

5. You now have two triangles: one Blue Flaming Triangle pointing to the heavens formed by the Crown, Left and Right Shoulders. The other Orange Flaming Triangle pointed to the Earth formed by the Right and Left Hip and Sacred Chakra.

6. Now you will pull these two triangles together to form the 6 point star at your heart. Touch the crown with left hand and sacred chakra with right bring the two triangles together to form the six pointed star and see the eye of God within the center of the star 

I invoke the Star of Fohat Fire to set me free

I invoke the Blue and Orange fire to expand
I let it completely surrounds my body with orange fire and fill my mind with blue fire

The Light of the Divine Fire Surrounds Me- (See orange fire around you)
The Love of the Divine Fire Fills Me - (See blue fire inside of you )
The Power of the Divine Fire Protects Me- (See orange fire around you)
The Mind of the Divnie Fire Guides Me - (See blue fire inside of you)
The Spirit of Divine Fire Watches over Me- (See orange fire around you)
Wherever I am the Fire of Divine Consciousness is with me (See yourself filled with orange fire and encircled with blue fire)

I invoke the Energy of the Sacred Fire to run through me and merge with me
I decree myself to be a clear and perfect channel for the Orange and Blue Fire Energy 
I own the energy … I hold the energy …I move the energy

I acknowledge, I bless, I align, with all the frequencies  of the Divine Fire

By the Authority of the I AM that I AM.
Eheiah Asher Eheiah (A-hey-yah Asher A-hey-yah

I decree that any and all negative entities that may be attempting to control me

Or use my energy in a negative way to leave me now.

And I demand that they do not attach themselves to any other being.

And I ask that Jesus Christ guide these spirits to the region of pure love and that they manipulate no being ever again.

In the name of the most high and Holy Spirit, I demand this and make it so now.

In the name of the  Christ within me Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey ,

I cancel, nullify and dissolve any and all negative and undesirable energies or karma

I may have accumulated in this lifetime

Or any other lifetime

And I now activate and accept  The Christ Consciousness program  Within every cell of my being

I forgive those who have hurt me or wronged me in any way,  and I ask that all those who have hurt me or wronged me to forgive me for creating the circumstance that led to our conflict

I invoke the presence of the Fohat Fire of the Holy Spirit, make me strong

I invoke the Light of Love, Cleanse me

I am Universal Harmony

I am Universal Balance

I am Universal Love

I am Universal Life

I am Universal Light

I am one with the infinite star fields of Divine Creation

I am all powerful

I invoke the power of mental clarity

I AM are Yesterday, I AM are Today, I AM are Tomorrow



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← Zayin Yod Yod ←

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