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  Bring in Transpersonal & Subpersonal Chakras

Sacred Fire Energies from the Earth Grid System intune you with your fifth-dimensional chakra system .  Sacred Fire allows you work with the fifth dimensional chakras belonging to your Higher self or Christ Self . Furthermore you can now activate and open  the Transpersonal (TP) and Subpersonal Chakras(SB) called Hidden Chakras located above the head and below the body or feet. Their energy connect and feed into the regular chakras that are located within your body.  These chakras can connect you to energies from extremely high dimensions of reality. From the activation of these chakras you will eventually develop extremely powerful psychic powers, telepathy, and visions that  allows you to see into other cosmic dimensions and universes. 

Every time you do a Transmission that activates your Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, Pineal Gland and  Alta Charka , you take your Lightbody up maybe a 1/2 level  or even one level or maybe you jump up two or three levels. With these finer frequencies of Light you are building, step-by-step, an awareness of the higher dimensions and yourself as you exist in them

Transpersonal and Subpersonal Chakras

 Here is an excerpt taken from Diana Cooper’s – A New Light on Ascension regarding the 5th Dimensional chakras. 

Chakra Connection Color Affirmation  Trans Personal & Sub Personal 
Base Platinum        I AM Grounded in pure spirit   Earth Star Crystalline Grid
Sacred Magenta    I AM the Divine Feminine      Whale Matrix 
Solar Plexus   Gold with Rainbows  I AM a Galactic Master   Inner Earth Cities/Soul Star 
Heart Pure White          I AM cosmic love   Dolphin Matrix/ Stellar Gateway 
Throat      Royal Blue            I AM Co-Creator with God    Intergalactic Gateway/Earth Star 
Third Eye Crystal      I AM THAT I AM         Christ Consciousness Chakra 
Crown Crystal      I AM THAT I AM        Great Center Sun God Consciousness

   Benefits of Opening and Activating TP and SB

  • Healing and balance for the physical body;
  • Clarity, understanding and major insight for the mental body;
  • Deep relaxation and stress removal for the feeling (emotional) body.
  • Personal karma can be removed,
  • Psychic and healing abilities can be activated,
  • Past life recall can be triggered.
  • Limiting relationships can be reinvigorated or drop away with ease
  • Experience spiritual guides in a very tangible way,  feeling, hearing or seeing them.  
  • Contact with various higher-dimensional beings such as The Angelic Hierarchy, Nature Spirits, Star Families such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians and Sirians, Mother Earth, Ascended Masters, the Divine Feminine, and the Galactic Command.
  • Dormant parts of the multi-dimensional DNA strands are stimulated into awakening, resulting in greater awareness and a growing spiritual presence within the self.  Sacred Fire that works with your Star Codes. Star codes are  inherent, yet dormant in your DNA.  A Star Code is a particular and specialized DNA strand. Star Codes carry the start up keys for the awakening your latent DNA Activation Process. Once Star Codes are activated you start the DNA awakening process
  • Click here to learn more about Star codes

Transpersonal and Subpersonal  chakras located  outside the body and are useful for connecting to the spiritual universe and for grounding yourself. Transpersonal chakras connect to the higher self and the higher realms of existence, including Archangels , Ascended Masters and the Divine Spirit. These chakras are Soul Star, Stellar, Intergalatic Gateway,  Christ Consciousness, Great Central Sun. The sub-personal chakras are yin chakras, TP (those above one’s head) are viewed as yang chakras: Earth Star Chakra, Dolphin Matrix, Whale Matrix, and  Inner City Chakra .

Soul Star

This chakra lies approximately 6 inches above the head.The purpose of this chakra is to form a bridge between the spiritual and the physical realms. Upon physical death, this is the chakra that the soul passes out of. Once this chakra is activated, it is important for psychic cleansing to be carried out. This allows Ener-Chi  to be transmitted freely. To do this, visualise a golden white fire orb of energy above the Crown Chakra whilst placing Black Tourmaline at your feet. Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes, 3 times per week. Selenite can be used to assist in activating this chakra.

Stella Gateway

This is the highest chakra that can be incorporated into the human system. It is located approximately 12 inches above the head. The purpose of this chakra is to receive cosmic forces and Divine energy. It filters these forces and energy into the Soul Star Chakra.

Once this chakra is open you start to experience unified oneness. You receive wisdom, compassion and a constant and permanent connection to Divine guidance. A crystal is not required to open and activate this chakra.

Causal Chakra

This chakra is located in the centre of the head, 3 – 4 inches behind the crown. Although not located outside the body it is closely connected to the TP.  Its purpose is to receive energy from the Soul Star and filter it into the Mental Body (a layer of the aura). Before this chakra is activated it must be open, responsive and free from any programmed belief system. Regular meditation can prepare the mind for this.

Activation of this chakra alters our perception and broadens our horizons of consciousness. It invites spiritual meaning into all our inferior mental patterns and programs. It enables you to stay calm and clear regardless of your current trials and tribulations. Kyanite can be used to assist us in opening and activating this chakra.

Earth Star Chakra

This chakra is located 2 – 6 inches below the feet.The purpose of this chakra is to enable cosmic energy to be properly grounded. It is a vital polarity point through which the Divine consciousness of the other 3 TP chakras can attain full expression.No specific crystal is required to activate this chakra but it is strongly advised to use Hematite for grounding purposes.

When all 4 chakras are aligned (opened and activated), proper polarity is established. This is a crucial element in enabling the physical plane to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Intergalactic Gateway 

The Intergalactic Gateway is our portal through which we can connect to universal love, the divine and our interconnectedness to oneness. It is the place from which when open we can travel to the stars and back - reach out to other galaxies, our intergalactic friends and helpers.   Metatron will only allow it to open in a safe space that is right for you. The crystal is Herkimer Quartz Diamond 

Whale Matrix
The Whale Matrix receives and transmits keys and codes for changes in the Planetary DNA matrix.  and the Dolphins are spinning out a "Dolphin Matrix" of energy that specifically supports and activates these new changes in the Light Body Field and the DNA. The crystal is Herderite.

Dolphin Matrix

The Dolphin Matrix Chakra specifically supports and activates these new changes in the your Light Body Field and the DNA. The crystal is the Rose Quartz Crystal Skull. 

Inner City Chakra

Inner City Chakra Connects you to Crystalline Cities of Light both above and below the Earth. At these Cities of Light you can work with Ascended Masters, Angels, Devas and other Cosmic Being for healing and to gain enlightenment.  The crystal is Danburite


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