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2018 June Events
St. Michael’s Grove, Bayview Texas

 June 30 Saturday  & July 1 Sunday Starseed Activation: Connect with your Star Family
2 pm – 5 pm
Pre- Register due to limited space

Call 956-233-1629 or 956-434-9277 for direction or more info

June 30, Saturday & July 1 Sunday   Starseed Activation

The Starseed Activations are designed to assist you to connect with the incoming light Codes .  This event which includes activations, ascension codes and a meditation which will connect you with your Pleiadians or Sirian family. The Pleiadians Emissaries of Light, Sirian Archangelic League of Light. Arcturian Temple Workers, Andromeda Inter Galactic Beings of Light Ashtar Command,  and a variety of Christ Centered Extradimensionals  we will be activating your new DNA genetic codes as well as your new crystalline body matrix . This transmission and download will upgrade your entire operating system and bring forward new abilities.

New information
New activations
New downloads
New processes

Prepare for a beautiful and uplifting experience. Benefits of Activations:

*Letting go of ego structures, illusions of control, limited and negative thought forms
•Ability to speak your truth and connect through the heart
•Inner peace, calm and joy
•Releasing of genetic and past life programs that mask your true divine nature
•Works on the energetic fields in and around the body, also of the environment, changing frequencies of matter
•Brings all soul fragments into the physical body in the here and now, bringing about a greater sense of wholeness and integration
•Reconnects you with your self-healing abilities
•Raises frequency of the cells of your body
•Clears old blockages, creating space for light to inhabit the body
•Clears fears, traumas, and heavy energies of depression and anxiety
•Re-coding of DNA to the frequency of Divine Light
•Opens new channels to Universal information, enhancing our abilities to download what we need when we need it.
•Clears chakras
•Increased Life force energy of the body
•Increased intuition and inner knowing
•Greater inner guidance on all aspects of life
•Clears heaviness from the Heart

About Dr. Robyn Dahl, Church of the Divine Spirit 

Intuitive, Starseed, Angel Messenger, Wayshower, Catalyst, Empath, Soul Reader

Dr. Robyn Dahl was born with many of her ESP gifts already activated, and in communication with the Company of Heaven as an empath, channel, and crystal healer. As a Soul Reader and Reiki Master she has spent many years hosting workshops and connecting with Christ Centered ET’s. Robyn’s meditation style is uplifting and inspirational, and above all, offers keys to Self Mastery.

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Your monetary gift gives us the ability to launch deeply impacting campaigns that support a World of Light, Love and Compassion.

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